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Citrus aurantium extract

Specification:6% 30% 80% 95% HPLC

Botanical name: Citrus aurantium L.

Chinese name:zhi shi

Characteristics: bitter, sour, acrid, slightly cold, non-toxic

Citrus aurantium

Acitive ingredients: Synephrine

Cas No.: 94-07-5 (582-84-3)

Molecular Structure:


Molecular Formula:C9H13NO2

Molecular Weight:167.21

Actions & Indications:

  1. Indigestion due to low function; bloating in chest, abdomen and solar plexus area;
  2. constipation;
  3. diarrhea but difficult to expel, focal distention;
  4. fullness in the chest;
  5. cough with abundance of phlegm;
  6. prolapse of stomach, uterus and rectum.

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