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The market of rutin 2012

Rutin is as the drug of Cardiovascular for decades, it is used many areas with steady, safe, natural without side effects. But in the past two years,The supplier is very difficult to control the market with price lurches.

The material supplier, factory and clients all slowed their place, They rethink the market with seriously, Understand the price cant decide the market demand. It is not imaged as people, human action can pull marketing.

New year begins. Many factory and material supplier have to sell inventory with lower price for solving the shortage of money and inventory. So the price of rutin is belowed the RMB300.00/KG soon. Including the purchasing price of sophora japonica is very higher in Oct.2011 and the material is scarce now. The new harvest still have half of year 2012. and new material still cant confirm it has crop harvests, this year the cold weather will influence it, At least the market will become clear after Apr.2012. But we can expect The price of rutin will be steady at the recent period of time.

Rutin  sophora japonica

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